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One on One Counselling, Coaching/Parenting Support

Are you ready to step into your highest power and be your favourite version of yourself? Are you ready to manifest the family life that you’ve always dreamt of – one that is calm, connected and blissed out to the max? Are you ready to drop all the weight you’ve been carrying around in the form of ‘shoulds’, ‘havetos’, society’s expectations, old patterns and behaviours that no longer serve you? Are you ready to step into your most aligned life, one that brings you true joy, abundance, ease and grace? If you answered yes then great news – YOU CAN! Here is how we do it:

Through one on one counselling or coaching I help you define your goals and visions for all aspects of your life, from you as a person, your family dynamic, to your career or business goals. Feel like you’ve lost yourself a bit or not quite sure of the direction you want to go? No problems, we can make those crystal clear!

Through grounding work, mindset work and CBT tools we can shift old habits, patterns and beliefs that have been holding you back and get you on track to the life you were born to lead and so greatly deserve!

I can help you chart your course to your dream life, I am your support system to hold you accountable, stay committed and help you reach your goals even if ‘life happens’! 

I'm not preaching from some random textbook - this is real life, with real strategies that actually work. I'm a single mama of two who is homeschooling one child and running two businesses. I'm autistic, my children are autistic, this is brilliant because I can provide lived experience and insight from not only 'parent of additional needs kids' but also from 'additional needs person' perspective. How unique is that! 

Are you ready to level up, Goddess?


In -home decluttering, organisation

Are you overwhelmed by clutter, too much stuff, the constant mess and even looking at it makes you feel stressed? I can help you ditch the things that are no longer in alignment with your best life, sort through the chaos and help you organise your new space. You'd be astounded at home much I can achieve in a very short period of time - I go a mile a minute! I go all in! You will be amazed how much bigger, brighter and calming your space feels. 

I can help you establish more flow in the space, help you organise things and give everything it’s own place. I listen to what lights you up and use elements of Montessori philosophy (in children’s spaces) to create beautiful transformations. 

Children and adults thrive on simplicity and calm and this extends to the environment they live in. External clutter and chaos is usually a sign of internal overwhelm, so are you ready to create a high vibe space that you love? I am!


$150 per hour plus travel time from Delaneys Creek Queensland Australia (quoted at time of booking).

6 hour block package $800 (save $100)

Parenting Course - Additional needs parenting

Parenting 101: Simple Strategies for Successfully Parenting Autistic Kids and Those Who Don’t Fit in the Box

Throughout this self paced course e-book, you will learn how to deal well with uncertainty and how to  be adaptable and flexible in the neurodivergent parenting world.

This course is a container, a safe space to learn the truth about autism and I am going to give you techniques and strategies to deal with your child the way they are, not the way they ‘should’ be. This is not just a parenting course, there’s millions of those out there. This is a parenting course for autistic and neurodivergent families, this is next level as the other stuff doesn’t cut it for our kids – I know, I have two beautiful autistic daughters!

Parenting Course - gentle parenting birth to 10 years

Parenting Simply 101: Gentle parenting with a Montessori influence bringing peace and connection to your family

Are you craving more ease, more respectful ways of parenting and more grounded activities and invitations to play that actually benefit your child? This course is for you. Perhaps you find Montessori a bit mysterious or you’ve heard of it on the grapevine but not sure what’s fact or fiction? Get the low down on the facts right here!

Discover how Montessori can absolutely revolutionise your family and home – and no I’m not exaggerating! Montessori changed how I parent, how I live my daily life and how my children experience life – it was literally life changing for all of us and I believe it will be for you too.

Note: NDIS funding for all services and courses may be applicable if plan or self managed. 

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